A Mediterranean bohemian style menu, with local and fresh products. A variety of meat and fish. Two pasta options: ravioli and gnocchi. Our specialties are our hamburger with selected 100% beef, our Thai green curry and our grilled squid.
There are some dishes to share and several starters. Back in February! Saturdays & Sundays from 12:00h.


A wide variety of dishes with fresh, local, seasonal products; vegetarian and vegan options, salads, homemade and traditional desserts such as Flaó. Healthy breakfasts with a variety of breads (with and without gluten).
Choice of organic and natural wines. Back in February!


Ten varieties of artisanal pizzas baked in a stone oven and with the possibility of choosing a black dough made from activated charcoal.
Salads combined with local, fresh, nutritious products, designed to be enjoyed in summer. Enjoy our Pizza & Salads during market hours.


FoodTruck: specializing in griddle recipes such as hamburgersmashed, hotdog, nachos with cheddar cream and pico de gallo are some of the specialties of this street food spot. Also on offer are homemade desserts and other weekly take-out suggestions (with vegetarian options), beers and soft drinks. Enjoy our Street Food during market hours.


A variety of traditional rice dishes with an original twist: vegetable, duck, fish and seafood, mixed or meat paella. Enjoy our Paella & Cocktails during market hours.


Fresh and seasonal fruit juices. Classic cocktails (with and without alcohol) incuding new options without added sugars, with alternatives such as agave and natural pulps. Enjoy our Juices & Cocktails during market hours.


Handmade tacos made with flour from different types of corn. Filling options: mushrooms, suckling pig meat, shrimp and quesadillas, all washed down with the best tequila and mezcal. Enjoy our Tacos, Tequila & Mezcal during market hours.


Traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as chicken tajine, vegetable tajine, couscous, hummus, kebab, Moroccan pastries, juices and mint tea. Enjoy our Tayín & Tea during market hours.


Napoli-style artisan pizza, hand-stretched and cooked in a stone oven. A wide variety of beers: both classic and craft. Enjoy our Pizza & Beers during market hours.


Cocktails (with and without alcohol), sangrias, soft drinks, wines and a variety of beers. Enjoy our Bar during market hours.

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