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General terms of sale:
These General Terms apply to the purchase of products at the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and constitute a contract between you (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) and:  
Owner of the Website: A SALA DALIAS, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Las Dalias”) 
Address: Ctra. San Carlos, km.12 -07850, Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain. 
Spanish National Tax ID Code: B07949324 
Telephone: (+ 34) 971 326 825 
Flea Market: 
Public Relations:  
By purchasing products at this Website, you fully and unconditionally accept the contents of the Legal Notice, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website, along with these General Terms of Sale, in their latest version. For this reason, we advise you to read these Terms carefully before making your request or placing your order, as well as each time you access our website, as we reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete any part of these General Terms at any time. 

These General Terms are subject to that set forth in Spanish Act 7/1998, of 13 April, governing the General Conditions of Sale, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the Spanish General Act for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary legislation, including Spanish Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, and alternatively, the Spanish Civil Code and the Spanish Code of Commerce. 

The purchase of products by means of the Website is subject to the following clauses: 
1. Statements  
a) That he/she is of full legal age and has all the necessary legal powers to place the order, stating that he/she fully understands all the contents of the terms and conditions posted at the Website. 
b) That the data he/she provides when making the purchase are true and complete. 
c) That he/she confirms the order he/she has placed. In other words, he/she confirms the product(s) selected, the quantities, and the invoicing and shipping details.  

2. Access to the Website 
Access to this Website is entirely the responsibility of the user. 

3. Purchase by means of the Website 
3.1. The sale of the products offered at this Website is carried out by LAS DALIAS. It is understood that the sales transactions are carried out at the registered address set forth at the top of these General Terms. The purchase of products at this Website is reserved to registered users. 
3.2. The features of the products sold at this website, and in particular and where applicable, their nature, qualities, composition, origin and method of fabrication or the method by which they are obtained, are as indicated on the product description page. 
3.3. LAS DALIAS will not be held responsible for the falseness, incomplete nature or the failure to update and/or the inaccuracy of the data or information regarding the characteristics or any other relevant data or information provided by the manufacturers of the products offered at the Website. The photos of the products published at the Website are solely provided for illustrative purposes and the actual appearance of the products may vary. The products that we sell, particularly the handcrafted products, may often present the characteristics of the natural materials that are used in their manufacturing process. These features, such as the variation in the natural veins, texture or colour of the materials, are normal and will not be considered flaws or defects. 
3.4. The Customer accepts that LAS DALIAS does not assume any duty or responsibility whatsoever regarding any services that it does not provide directly. The Customer also accepts that the responsibility of LAS DALIAS in relation to any product purchased at the Website will be strictly limited to the purchase price of that product. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing set forth in these Terms will limit or exclude the rights recognised to the consumers by the regulations in force or our liability in the case of fraud or falseness or in cases of death or personal damages attributable to our negligence or deceit. 
3.5. You, the User, must accept these General Terms before making your purchase. This agreement may

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