One, two, three... Reggae!

The Rototom Sunsplash, the gigantic international reggae festival organised every summer on the beaches of Benicassim (Castellón), disembarks in Las Dalias with a representation of the best Jamaican sound groups. The Rototom festival is synonymous of good dances and guaranteed good vibes.

Ibiza, which hosted a Bob Marley concert in 1978, has become an essential stage in the tours and performances of the Rototom world, a small Jamaican earthquake with aftershocks in Bilbao, Barcelona and some select locations around Europe, although on this island it has an aura of a family event difficult to match anywhere else, thanks to the stage provided by Las Dalias.

The mythical Half Pint, accompanied on decks by the Italian I-Schenze, as well as the greatest exponents of island reggae, the Jahbless, Shakatribe and Skankin Players, are some of the consecrated names of reggae that have passed through Sant Carles. Lindon Andrew Roberts, who everyone knows as Half Pint, is one of the most influential Jamaican musicians, and even Their Satanic Majesties, the Rolling Stones have played covers of his songs.
Other outstanding musicians who have passed through the Rototom party have been Sargento García and Supa Bassie in sound system format, or the half basque half catalan band Green Valley, who have been performing eleven years on stages with an inexhaustible repertoire of the most authentic and powerful reggae, roots and dancehall. We have now doubt they will keep you bouncing. In this list of illustrious Jamaican sound performers in Las Dalias, certain names stand out: one of the descendants of the 'Rastafarian emperor', Ky-Mani Marley, one of Bob Marley's 14 sons, who performed on an unforgettable night at the Ibiza Reggae Festival, or the acclaimed Morodo, Rubén David Morodo Ruiz, who has contributed in his long trajectory such influential songs of Iberian reggae as Los Carros de Babylon, La Yerba del Rey or Divina Ciencia and who has been a trend-setter with his fusión of hip hop with Caribbean rhythms.

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