A sensory journey around the world

The largest alternative celebration on the island is a multisensory experience in which CULTURE takes a centre stage; a culture that knows of no limits imposed by customs or religions and that sees the world as one. Namaste, the emblematic festival that has taken place in Las Dalias for more than 20 years, has established itself as a meeting place for a family that never stops growing.

The hospitality and warmth of one of the most famous festivals on the island, held every Wednesday, has been a constant since the first 'Festival of Friends' in 1997, which gave way a year later to the most colourful festival of Las Dalias: Namaste. This success has been made possible thanks to the initiative of Merel, Alok and Jon Michell, who have helped to enlarge the legend of Las Dalias and who are an essential part of the great family of this flea market.

The first party they celebrated in 1998 was surprising due to its decoration, created by Merel and Belinda, and thanks to Alok's music. Jon Michell then joined the group. Over the years he has taken care of the musical direction. Originally, the Namaste festival was more of an informal gathering, attended above all by craftsmen and artists. With music and good vegetarian food, they relaxed together and strengthened their friendships. Over the years, and always without losing its essence, the party has grown, especially in the musical section, hosting up to twenty concerts/sets each season.

The public has found in this party a place where time seems to stop and where everyone is welcome. Sounds from Africa, India and Asia, with a bit of flamenco, reggae and trance, envelop the audience in a unique atmosphere of world music.
Stepping in to the Namaste experience is like entering the world of the Arabian tale a thousand and one nights, thanks to the decoration of Merel and the talent of enormous musicians such as Prem Joshua, Nina Hagen, Madboojah Project or Hilight Tribe. The music captivates the audience, who are charged with energy as the party progresses, starting in the garden and ending in the interior room of Las Dalias.
"The secret of Namaste is that it is a party that remains faithful to its origin and essence, but also evolves every year with new musical proposals. A meeting point for cultures, beauty, music, colour and joy, a place where people feel free, leaving their beliefs and ideologies at the door". This is how its creators define it and how thousands of people have lived it every season in Las Dalias for more than 20 years.
Alok distills the essence of the party in one sentence: "We have created a place of vibration and energy in which people feel comfortable and open their hearts. Over the years, Namaste has become more than just a party. It is a conjunction of decoration, music and spirit that generates "a luminous energy" that envelops visitors, many of whom are loyal year after year, and allows them to party in a family-friendly atmosphere. Because it should not be forgotten that one of the strong points of Namaste is that it is one of the few night parties in Ibiza where three generations can dance and enjoy themselves in perfect harmony.

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