Welcome to Las Dalias, a fascinating oasis of colour, peace, music, and dreams in the heart of Sant Carles, in the north of Ibiza: the Las Dalias flea market is set in a garden where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful network of fabrics, beads, unique objects and stalls where the talent of the most avant-garde craftsmen blends in with an atmosphere of harmony and that heritage of the hippies of which we are so proud.

From the popular Saturday market (open all year round) to the more relaxed versions of the evening markets (Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays in summer), you'll discover that the only common denominator between artists and visitors is the good taste for things made with affection.

Every weekend (check opening times), a multitude of craftsmen gather in Las Dalias, filling the gardens with colours, exotic smells and fantasy. The market, which was born on Valentine's Day 1985 five stalls which eventually have given way to the more than 200 stalls that Las Dalias currently boasts, On Saturdays in August, Las Dalias can attract around 20,000 visitors.

In addition to handmade, exclusive and accessible clothing, jewellery, handicrafts, musical instruments, decoration, accessories, paintings, books, hammocks, handmade shoes or incense, it is also possible to relax with a massage or have a glimpse into the future through the reading of palms and cards.

Las Dalias also hosts a restaurant with a fusion of world cuisines, a tapas bar, several bars serving all kinds of drinks, a Street Food 'van', a natural juice point, homemade pizzas, sorbets and a Berber jaima in which to enjoy exotic teas and sweet delicacies. In the afternoon, everyone gathers at the "Soul Bar", where the dj's of Las Dalias play their best tracks until the closing of the flea market.

During the winter months, when you can best enjoy nature in the surroundings of Sant Carles, Ibiza and Las Dalias also go into zen modus. There is a certain calm then reigns, inviting you to take a leisurely stroll through the market to chat with the artisans and artists who are there each Saturdays. In winter, the rhythm is different, a world away from the bustling summer Saturdays. In January or February, for example, with those sunny mornings that invite friends to meet, visiting Las Dalias is a good plan that can be complemented with a tour of the blossoming valleys of Morna and Atzaró, with evocative literary resonances, or the nearest unspoilt coves and beaches, another gift to complete an enjoyable day. JUNE TO SEPT: Saturdays from 10h OCT TO MARCH: Saturdays from 10h & Sundays from 11h APRIL & MAY: Saturdays from 10h to 19/20h & Sundays from 11h to 19/20h


We recommend avoiding peak hours (Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.), as significant traffic congestion occurs. Additionally, we may need to close the market entrance if full capacity is reached.

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