The house of MUSIC

From flamenco to rock, from rumba fusion to trance or from reggae to pop. When it comes to Music in Ibiza, few places take it as seriously and passionately as Las Dalias. Live sound, instruments from all over the world on stage and that exciting connection between freedom and multiculturalism are some of the main features of these party nights and concerts in Las Dalias.

Music has been playing in Las Dalias since the bar opened in 1954. It has never stopped since. Currently, the more than 50 concerts in one season, with thousands of spectators vibrating in the garden or in the indoor hall, show this house's passion for good live music every year, whether during the flea market, at parties such as Namasté, Wax Da Jam or Rototom, or at special concerts and festivals, most of which are held between June and September.

After the great Woodstock tribute festival, held on May 1, for this 2019 season the list of artists that has already been confirmed begins with the great voice of flamenco, Niña Pastori, in her sweetest moment, who will perform in the garden on June 27. Take note of these dates: El Bicho, Miguel Campello's nom de guerre (without him a party is not the same), will perform on September 5th; Mary and Javi Medina (October 10th) and Juanito Makandé (July 25th). The spanish hip hop crew SFDK, will be Mcing and spinning on August 22nd, although the torch of the urban sound will have to be shared with the Caribbean Kings, the Orishas, that will fill the most musical garden of the world with their sound. The summer brings other certainties as the Rototom is warming up in Sant Carles, with the best firewood that could burn any auditorium, legendary names like John Osbourne, one of the great names of dancehall of all time. But there will also be some local flame on the fire, Diego Gil Fernandez, Rapsusklei, will be bringing the heat on June 16. But for those who are still not feeling the heat, there's no greater sure value than Muerdo, which brings a whole array of rhythms to jazz up the night of Sept. 22. The 65 candles of our anniversary, also serve to celebrate the long transatlantic relationship with Argentinian musicians who have brought some of the most memorable parties. This time it's the Babasonicos who are in charge of keeping the seismometer as high as ever. Just as world music will continue to play in Namaste and the most educated ears keep their secret appointment with Wax da Jam.

Among the latest artists who have passed through the stage of Las Dalias, we find reggae legends such as Ky-Many Marley, Skatalites or Emeterians, the sweet flamenco chill of Chambao or the brilliant dose of Estricnina (the new rumba-rock band of Juanito Makandé and El Canijo de Jerez). The performances of Macaco, Miguel Campello and Muchachito have been memorable, without forgetting our beloved Hilight Tribe, Eskorzo, General Levi, Canteca de Macao, Antílopez, Onda Vaga, Fermín Muguruza and a long etcetera.

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