Las Dalias receives the first prize for best business initiative

Diario de Ibiza acknowledges the important contribution of Las Dalias to the cultural offer on the island 


In the words of Javier Moll, president of the publishing company of the Diario de Ibiza:

 “ These prizes are not just a well-deserved public recognition for the recipients, but they also contribute to highlight the amount of talent, effort, self-sacrifice, entrepreneurship and many other positive values that are present in our local society here in Ibiza”.

 Juan Marí, the owner of Las Dalias, was in charge of collecting the first prize for best business initiative awarded by the Diario de Ibiza in their 125 year gala celebration. Las Dalias received this prize for “Its lengthy trajectory, its ability to stay true to its roots whilst also adapting to new times and for its important contribution to the island’s cultural scene”. With these words, the Diario de Ibiza acknowledges the task that Las Dalias has been performing throughout all these years. 

“Juanito”, (Juan Marí’s famous alias) delivered a heartwarming speech in which he reminded the audience that it was his father that founded Las Dalias back in 1954 as a roadside bar and banquet hall. He explained that the key to success was due to the efforts of an entire family and that there have been several difficulties along the way, including periods of severe economic crisis. “Juanito” wanted to extend his gratitude to everyone involved: The artisans “that receive the visitors with a smile every Saturday”, the musicians “that from the first day have performed in Las Dalias” and the workers “that allow this great company to run smoothly day after day”. He didn’t forget to thank the neighbours in Sant Carles and especially the ones living near Las Dalias “for their patience and support”. And of course a special thanks went out to the Diario de Ibiza for granting Las Dalias this prestigious award.   

 Coinciding with their 125th anniversary, the Diario de Ibiza decided to recover these awards that they hadn’t given out since 2011. Las Dalias is the first business to be granted this award in this new phase. Las Dalias would like to take this opportunity thank Es Diari and to congratulate them for their informative task during these 125 years. 

   This prize adds to a long list of recognitions that Las Dalias has received throughout its nearly 65 years of history. Most recently, the Balearic government awarded Las Dalias the 2016 Tourism Prize. In 2014, the Town Hall in Santa Eulalia also acknowledged our efforts with a plaque that certifies. Las Dalias as a place of Local Touristic Interest. Other institutions, such as the School of Tourism or the Chamber of Commerce have also recognised our endeaviour.

    All these recognitions, encourage us in Las Dalias to keep up the good work and to continue to make our contribution towards promoting Ibiza to tourism and also to do our part in improving the island’s cultural agenda with all the activities that we organize throughout the year. From its birth in 1954, Las Dalias has continued to grow, until now, 2018, becoming a reference for both the local population and the thousands of tourists that the island welcomes every year.