Bersuit celebrate their 30th “birthday” at Las Dalias

“ This place is fantastic, it has a special kind of mystique” 

These were the words of the keyboard player and one of the original members of this Argentinian band, Juan Subirá, a few hours before the concert.  

Moments before 10pm the legendary band Bersuit Vergarabat stepped on to the stage at Las Dalias dressed in their pyjamas (as they usually do) as part of their 30 year anniversary World tour. Their first song was “La Soledad”, and from the first notes it was clear that it was going to be a memorable night; and so it was, as the musicians and the crowd came together to celebrate the 30 years of this band, a celebration that went on for nearly two hours during which the band played 20 songs that got the devoted crowd dancing and singing but it also had plenty of emotional moments. 

To be able to have one of your all-time favourite bands just inches away, is an experience that not that many people have in a lifetime, but this is precisely what Las Dalias offers: It brings the living legends of the music scene down to ground level. The nearly 1000 people that had the chance to enjoy this evening will not easily forget one of the last moments of the concert, when most of the audience were chanting the lyrics of the song “Argentinidad” to the top of their lungs as if it were a hymn. Surely many of the members of the audience that weren’t Argentinian wish they had been just for that moment.

Bersuit have a massive amount of fans in their country, where they filled the River Plate stadium with a capacity of more than 70,000 people. And as their keyboard player told us, remembering the previous show they gave in Las Dalias in 2016, they have a really special connection with the people here. This was made obvious in each and every one of their songs: “ El Baile”, “Perro Amor”, “Negra Murgera” or “Se viene”, during which Germán Sbarbati even had to ask the crowd to restrain their enthusiasm.

Bersuit, who are set to continue their World tour in mainland Spain, said goodbye to the crowd at Las Dalias with their song “Un Pacto”.