Those who wish to apply for a 2x2 m2 stall at the Las Dalias market should fill in and send the telematic "stall application form" which can be found at The organisation will then contact them for an initial presentation of the material, if it is considered necessary.
The product to be sold must be made by the seller himself/herself or present an own, exclusive and original production.
The application deadlines are detailed in the specific conditions of each flea market.
In order to apply for a permanent stall at any of our markets, it will be an essential condition to register in the Las Dalias online shop.


Market vendors must have their documentation in order:
o Registration at the Hacienda/Ministry of finance (model 036 or 037)
o Self-employed registration with the Social Security.
o Civil liability insurance

The seller must present this documentation at the beginning of the season, otherwise the organization may prevent the assembly of the stand.
The owners are responsible for the behaviour of their vendors and assemblers.
Stalls are personal and non-transferable. They cannot be transferred or subleased to third parties.
Vendors must sign the documentation concerning "Privacy Policy" and "Occupational Hazards" which will be delivered to the Las Dalias office.
Stall holders are required to communicate with the organization well in advance in the event that they do not attend the flea market.
Vendors should check with the Las Dalias office to ensure that their details are up to date at the start of the season, or notify any relevant updates.


Each stall must sell the product for which it has been selected.
Any new material that sellers want to sell must be presented and approved in advance by the market organization. Otherwise, the organization reserves the right not to allow this stall to be set up.
It is strictly forbidden to sell material from department stores and souvenir shops.
The articles for sale displayed at the Las Dalias market must be priced consistently, and may never be different from the prices set for the same articles at other markets on the island. If the Organization detects this type of action, it reserves the right to withdraw the articles in question from sale, or if necessary, to withdraw the right of the seller in question to set up their stall.
The organization is in a continuous process of reviewing the products. The stalls that are in this process of review, must provide the information required, and must comply with the conditions requested in order to continue selling at the Las Dalias flea market.


Each vendor should bring everything necessary to set up and decorate their stand, and to display their material.
The presentation and aesthetics of each stall must be done with care and to a high standard, as well as the display of the product.
The use of fabrics, furniture, or light systems in poor condition is not allowed.
Boxes and storage must be covered and tidy.
Stalls are allocated for a period of one season, which is detailed in the specific conditions of each market. The organization has the right not to renew a stall if it considers it appropriate.
The dimensions of the stall are 2x2 m. It is expressly stated that any extension of the stall must be previously approved by the market organization, with an update of the price if it considers it necessary.


The stalls must be set up and ready to receive the public at the time the market opens.
In case of late arrival due to unforeseen circumstances, please notify the market organisers well in advance by calling +34 686 446 014
If the seller is not setting up his stall 45 minutes before the opening of the flea market, his stall will be assigned to a person on the reservation list and the incumbent seller will not be able to set up that day.
Cars may not be driven through the flea market half an hour before opening to the public. The opening hours of each flea market are detailed in the specific conditions of each flea market.
The stalls must be set up in the space assigned by Las Dalias, without hanging anything in front of the line of stalls and using a maximum of 50 cm for storage.
No nails are allowed on walls or trees, nor is it permitted to use Las Dalias furniture for the stalls.
Only the personnel of the market is authorized to "cut the plants" in case of obstructing any stall.
It is not allowed to lean anything on plants and flowerpots.
At the end of the market, the space that has been occupied must be cleaned of rubbish, waste, ropes, glasses, etc.
The dismantling of the stalls is carried out at the closing time of each market.
On Saturdays during the summer, the time for dismantling may be later than established, depending on the public still at the market.
The organisers of Las Dalias reserve the right to change the closing time depending on the weather conditions.
The staff of Las Dalias will organize the entry of cars at the dismantling of the market.


Vendors should park in the vendor parking lot, taking care not to obstruct the exit of other vehicles.
If the car park is full, the staff of the car park at Las Dalias will decide where to let vendors park.
It is totally forbidden to park in the bus and taxi area, on the main road, on the road leading to the vendors' car park and in the area of the torrent.
Vendors must ensure that no outsiders park in this car park, as it is an exclusive parking area for vendors at Las Dalias.


The organization provides vendors with personalized Las Dalias bags, with the aim of achieving greater publicity for the market. These should be purchased at the Slushie stand, or in the office if it is closed.
The attention and care of the public that visits us is also a very powerful tool for the promotion of our flea market.
We recommend that you share your publications on social networks in order to reach a wider audience. We are many people working for the same goal. The more publicity we send via social networks, the more people we will get to come to the market.

Our social networks are:

Facebook: Las Dalias de Ibiza
Instagram: @lasdaliasibiza
Twitter: @lasdaliasibz
Youtube: Las Dalias of Ibiza
Pinterest: Las Dalias in Ibiza


Permanent stall holders must pay in advance, from the 1st to the 5th of each month, by direct debit. If you are unable to use this method of payment, you should contact the market administration.
The awarding of a stall entails payment for the entire season, regardless of attendance.
In the event of non-payment for two months (without justification), Las Dalias will be able to dispose of the stall in question.


Respect the schedule of assembly and disassembly.
The places that are free on the day will be assigned by the market organization.
The food and drink bars offer a special rate for market vendors. To enjoy this rate, you must identify yourself as such before placing your order.
As a result of the worldwide problem of the misuse of plastic, Las Dalias is part of the campaign against plastic, so it is expressly forbidden to use plastic bags to deliver the product to the customer in the flea market.
In the case of changes in the market facilities, Las Dalias undertakes to solve the incidents with the affected stalls and will try to solve them as soon as possible.
Failure to comply with any of these rules may be grounds for non-renewal of the stall.
Las Dalias reserves the right to remove stalls or cancel the flea market if necessary.


o Saturday hippie market

Dates: still to be confirmed due to the current situation
Application deadline: closed.
Timetable: from 10h.
Installation schedule: previous Friday, or Saturday until 10h. No vehicle may enter later than 09:30h.
Dismantling schedule: Saturday from 9:00 p.m. Vehicles may enter the site before 9:30 p.m., with the prior permission of Las Dalias staff.
Price: to be specified

o Night Market

Dates: still to be confirmed due to the current situation
Application deadline: 1 December to 30 September.
Timetable: from 19 to 00:30h.
Assembly schedule: No vehicles may enter later than 18:30h.
Dismantling schedule: Vehicles will be able to enter the site before 01:00h, with the prior permission of Las Dalias staff.
Monday: to be confirmed
Tuesday: to be confirmed
Sunday: to be confirmed

Special conditions of the Night Market:

Every year there is an informative meeting with compulsory presence or representation, where the draw for the location of the Night Market stands takes place. It usually takes place on the last Sunday of April at 12h in the garden of Las Dalias.
The stalls on Mondays that do not have a Tuesday market will be raffled off on the esplanade to make it easier to organise them.
The stalls that do not take part in the Tuesday market must be removed in their entirety on the same Monday at the end of the market.
For the lighting of the stalls, each vendor must bring a 5 m extension pole and a power strip.
The maximum light consumption allowed for each stall is 70W. We recommend the use of warm, low-consumption bulbs.
The electrical installation of each stall must be done with approved cables (RE 1000V insulation and grounding), not using other cables and connections in poor condition, as a power cut due to the poor condition of the cables will cause several stalls to lose their light.

o Winter Market

Dates: From Saturday 07/11/20 to Saturday 27/03/21.
From 18 December to 5 January it is interrupted by the Christmas Market.
Application deadline: to be confirmed.
Timetable: 10 am to 6 pm (the organisation may change the closing time according to convenience).
Opening hours: previous Friday, or Saturday until 10h. No vehicles may enter later than 9:30 am.
Dismantling time: Saturday from 18:00h. Vehicles may enter the site before 18:30h, with the prior permission of Las Dalias staff. The timetable will vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, influx of people, daylight hours, etc.
Price: to be specified. (18 Saturdays in total)

Special conditions for the Winter Market:

Stalls assigned in a fixed location must be paid for in advance, from the 1st to the 5th of each month.
To keep the stall all winter, in the same place, it is necessary to pay for the winter season months (from November to March, discounting the Christmas market period)
In case of absence during some Saturdays in winter, it is necessary to communicate it to the organization.

o Christmas market

Dates: From 18/12/2020 to 05/01/21. Closed on 25 December and 1 January.
Application deadline: until 31 October.
Timetable: From Monday to Friday from 17 to 21h, Saturdays from 10 to 21h and Sundays from 15 to 21h.
Assembly schedule: Thursday before opening from 9h.
Dismantling timetable: from 6 January
Price: to be specified.

Special conditions for the Christmas Market:

The stalls are located in the Las Dalias room, La Boutique and the interior corridors.
The stalls are left in place until January 5th.
For the lighting of the stalls, you must bring an extension pole of 5 m and a power strip.
The maximum light consumption allowed for each station is 70W. We recommend the use of warm low energy bulbs.

o Easter Market

Dates: Easter 2021
Application deadline: to be specified.
Schedule: from 10 to 19h
Assembly schedule: to be specified.
Dismantling time: to be specified.
Price: to be specified.

Special conditions for the Easter Market

At the Easter market, priority will be given to those who set up their stalls during the three days, from Thursday to Saturday. Sunday is optional.
Stalls can be set up from Thursday to Sunday if you are in a location that allows it.

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